Rams 2016 a year in review!

No this is not an illusion!  Welcome back to RAMS.COM!   After a long hiatus, the Rams are back in a new league and new rink @ Warwick.  The Rams decided to leave after the A- league went AWOL, and Wintersport  had only 2 teams left after the Thunder Quit and Bandits retired.   Well a lot has happened since then…  For one, the Rams beat the Zebras in what was to be the last Rinly cup championship 2-0 in a best of 3 series ending a few consecutive playoff meltdowns.  Since then a lot has changed with some new players, a new parking lot with pot holes, and a good mix of some old ram heads and new young bucks who can score.  The season has been off to a pretty good start as the Rams are currently in first place with a 6-1 record, in front of old foes a.k.a. the silver seven (Roman Delight), GasperA, MBP, Goodchux, and some team who has QUIT AGAIN, the THUNDER!  BOO!!!!

Anyways welcome back, and feel free to get the comments going.  Maybe even Carter will show up and share some old memories, or to his annual 1 game played so he can lock up a spot on the cup!  I WIN! #5

Here are some much delayed pictures from the big victory last Spring that ended a good run of over a decade at the old Blue Barn.


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