Pecks Pond Is Approaching

As I sit here enjoying a cup of fresh brewed while being blinded by the morning sun’s glare off the fresh virgin ice of the pond…

I thought it would be a good time to remind / update you all on the upcoming annual PPHW. It will go down on the weekend of January 27th. All are welcome but sleeping space is limited since our overflow can’t pour over into the Pecks Pond Inn as they have shut down. Some are talking about pitching tents and doing it arctic style which is great as long as you have a zero degree bag. Your car is also an option but I don’t want anyone dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. We will try to avoid any of this from happening as we will cram as many as possible into every nook and cranny in the cabin including the basement which has a dirt floor. I can set up some cots and it is heated so it beats the outdoors.
So fair warning, all are welcome but come prepared. Should be a great Winter Classless! More details to follow as they become available…


ps. Don’t forget a special outfit or facial hair feature for the game on saturday …

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4 Responses to Pecks Pond Is Approaching

  1. Chris B. says:

    Nice ice…we are locals, only 20 mins away on a private Pond in Tafton, PA. Check my website for Pond Hockey Report. You guys are hilarious, if you want to have a Home @ Home series, I can get a Team together. can ya haul the Lights over?

  2. Jenks says:

    How bout that shit! We don’t even have Twitter and people are following us!

  3. KD says:

    Is the schedule on this site correct? Do we (the Rams) really not play again for 2 1/2 weeks? Wtf?

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