Spring League Invades Wintersport

The Rams skated to a needed 4-3 victory over Seravalli at Wintersport on Sunday afternoon, and then the fun began. The Rams, embracing their identity as a 96 beer 4th period team began watching the second half of the A-League doubleheader. The undefeated Zebras were facing off against the Penguins. It was mentioned in passing that we might want to the Zebras to win. But a couple quick goals by the Pens and the reaction of the Zebras 6-0 goalie changed the complexion of the evening.

As the second period wound down the interactions between the Rams and Zebs goalie heated up. He urged us all to stay, so we did. The team followed the short-fused goalie to the other end, “because that’s where all the goals were going in.” Danny B. had been tossed, Big White followed him a period later but this was a game where being in the stands might have been as valuable as being on the ice.

The Penguins scrapped their way to a 5-4 win, The mighty midget goaltender was now 6-1. Nothing to do now but eat some pizza and head home, right?

Nope there was at least one more lesson to be remembered this night. Even if you lose on the ice, you can win the fourth. The Zebras goalie came towards the stands were several Rams and Seravalli players loitered basking in the glow of a day well wasted. The Pappa John’s was gone, but there was still one more pop to be delivered.  Landed squarely on the nose of the still angry goalie, Seravalli had won the fourth.

Feliz Navidad

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3 Responses to Spring League Invades Wintersport

  1. RR says:

    So I left to put the kids to bed and Brady put the kid to bed too?

  2. Brother mike g says:

    Joe pecsci was there lol

  3. Emerson says:

    The Rams/Seravali Peanut gallery deserve an assist on that win. The traveling heckling show helped seal the deal. Team effort!

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