Time and Place for Cheap Beer

In an interview with Sam Calagione, the Dogfish Head Brewery founder and president reveals two cool facts.

  1. He plays hockey.
  2. Afterward, he drinks cheap beer from cans.

Do you still drink cheap beer?

I do. I play on an adult hockey league team. And every week it’s one of my teammate’s job to bring a 30 pack of cheap, cold cans of lager. And whatever one it is, whatever brand it is I look forward to having it. There’s nothing like that light lager for refreshing after a hockey game. There’s really not any other occasions in my week where I’m craving that kind of beer. But I’m a beer geek, not a beer snob. And all beer is good. And there’s a time and place for any kind of beer.

Chewing the Fat: Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head [DCist]

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