Rams Notch First W

Rams win 9-2 over the Bandits.   Goals from Sponge Bob Thor-pants, Amos & Brady, but for the most part it was the Baked, Carmesan, Stew line rallying for 6 goals.  Gil stood tall in the crease and gave the Rams their first Win of the season.  1-1-1.

Next up Zebras on Tuesday @ 10:40.

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3 Responses to Rams Notch First W

  1. Arthur says:

    Nice game last night. Don’t know if 9-2 can count as Rams hockey but it sure was good hockey.

    I apologize to everyone for forgetting to hug Val after I scored.

  2. Arthur says:

    Last night was my first Rams goal since March, 2010.

  3. RR says:

    at least you didn’t have to go back to pre-2000’s.

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