Second Place Rams Ready to Roll

Fvckin eh. Rams, Thunder, and Bandits finished in a three-way tie. The Rams came out on top and start the playoffs Tuesday at 9:00 vs. Thunder.

We’ve been there before. And before we start it again, Coach wants you to know a few things. First, we’re the fvckin Rams. The best team in this fvckin league since we joined it. The best team. Fvckin right.


And when you enter the locker room all the guys in it are your fvckin teammates. Your fvckin teammates.


It’s time to play for the guys who are putting their fvckin skates on next to you. Across from you. By the door. Next to the bathroom. Under the heater. They’re the fvckin’ guys depending on you. And you are the fvckin’ guy depending on them.

Fvckin get it yet? It’s time to play for a fvckin championship.

And when you take the ice, fvckin’ take it with pride and purpose.

Be positive. Be a teammate. Be a Ram.

And you’ll be a championyou fvckin fvck.

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2 Responses to Second Place Rams Ready to Roll

  1. Arthur says:

    Give ’em hell boys!

  2. KD says:

    Did you win last night?

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