Rams Caught Looking Ahead

It was a tough night for the Rams Tuesday as they lost to the Penguins 4-2. Aside from the short bench, there’s only one other obvious reason for the defeat. 4th Period Ale makes its debut Sunday at 4:30 when the Rams play some B leaguers. Batch 1 is a blond ale, simple as can be, in bottles. Batch 2 is also a blond ale, but with a nicer ass and in a 5-gallon keg.

You in, you looking better than this guy?

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9 Responses to Rams Caught Looking Ahead

  1. snap says:

    ouch that hurts – the loss that is…………

    nice job on the label


  2. KW says:

    In. Nice work on the eye.

  3. KW says:

    By the way… Great job decimating the beer basket.

  4. dave says:

    in for sunday

  5. dk says:

    Sorry guys, I’m out. Mary’s got the flu. Bern’s is picking up some regular suds. I’ll send some 4th Period Ale to Peck’s and bring the other batch to our game on the 23rd.

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