“Elements” Lead Rams to 6-3 Win

First it was a Flood that put the Rams up 1-0. Then it was Fire, Bernfiremon to
be exact, that put the Rams up 2-0 in the first. The Bandits managed to keep it
tight before the Fire struck again. Then as things grew tighter, the Earth shook
with goals from KW and PiM Leader to put the Rams back up by two midway through
the third. The last was a breeze as Dean hit the empty netter.

Next up, Thunder in a Saturday Night Special at 8:50.

Note: The following game is Tuesday, Feb. 8th. Not the Tuesday after the Thunder

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16 Responses to “Elements” Lead Rams to 6-3 Win

  1. KW says:

    Nice Team effort. Let’s continue to put the tip in the skin sheath.

  2. snap says:

    Just bring back the beer bucket (the “5th element”)

  3. KW says:

    bg that video is dead but I bet it was good… Sooouuuull Traaiiin. Snap does that bucket come with a Bruce Willis?

  4. dave says:

    in for saturday night’s game

  5. bake says:

    in for saturday night’s game

  6. dk says:

    In. Pim is in.

    Bring the loofa, Yashin is in the pipes.

  7. bg says:

    in with rare leather.

  8. KW says:

    In with extra loofa’s.

  9. snap says:

    With Yashin in net I might need a bigger beer bucket

  10. Amos says:

    A wheel barrow more like. In for the hysterics.

  11. Flood says:

    Extra Beer, Loofa, Soul Dancing AND BRUCE WILLIS!!

    I’M IN!!!!!

  12. Thor says:

    Out, but in for Grace if anyone wants to come by.

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