Beer for a Good Cause

The homebrew club that Dean belongs to collaborated with Earth, Bread, and Brewery on a special brew. The beer will be on tap starting Jan.13th and is a fundraiser for Cliveden.

Dean will be heading there the 19th with the kids for dinner and maybe the 18th for the brewclub’s party if anyone cares to join him.

Cliveden Brewers of the historic site Cliveden and Earth Bread + Brewery, both located in Northwest Philadelphia, are ringing in the new year with a new beer: Cuvée de Cliveden, a rich mahogany belgian style beer infused with raisins, coffee and plums, available beginning January 13th.

The brew joins Earth Bread + Brewery’s already ample selection of house-made craft beer, served alongside hearth-baked flatbreads prepared with fresh made-in-house mozzarella.
Each purchased glass of the freshly fermented Cuvée de Cliveden ($9 with $6 refills) helps to support new educational programs at Cliveden addressing history and racial equality. The preserved 5.5-acre property is known for its role in the 1777 Revolutionary War Battle of Germantown, and was home to the Chew family for seven generations.

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  1. The project intrigued Tom Baker the brewer at Earth Bread and Brewery. Guild members decided on the beer s flavor said Baker who owned Heavyweight a brewery in New Jersey. He and his wife now live in Germantown. I enjoy working with them Baker said. You get used to doing things a certain way but guild members brought a fresh perspective new ideas. We ve included some unusual ingredients in Cuvee de Cliveden. . Cuvee means blend he adds. For instance it has candy sugar raisins and a yeast that s used with Belgian ale. . Seitz and other guild members hope for the same camaraderie with Cuvee de Cliveden. Beer makes for conviviality he said. He hopes that Cuvee de Cliveden brings beer connoisseurs to Earth Bread and Brewery on January 13. With a hint of raisins coffee and plums it s a delicious beer he said. Restaurant patrons can pay a few extra bucks and keep a special with the guild s logo. Tom Baker and Peggy Zwerver of earth Bread and Brewery are donating the proceeds of patrons first glass to Cliveden. Maybe they ll make new friends and certainly do a good deed by supporting Cliveden s programs on racial equality. .

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