24/7 Covers Hockey Like Nothing Before It

HBO’s 24/7 series featuring the Penguins and Capitals concluded tonight with remarkable footage that portrayed hockey in as honest and revealing light as could be imagined.

But it was these words that stuck with me:

Hockey won’t hold still for a portrait

To gain a glimpse inside you join it in progress, just as players do

Jumping onto the ice for their shifts as the game swirls around them

On that ice the action moves at high-speeds

The punishment dolled out can be staggering

And the very best in the world form bands of brothers as authentic as any in sports

Virtuoso talents alongside distinctive leaders

Fearless combatants and relentless competitors

They play with an intensity from another age

And passion invulnerable to cynicism

An energy that embraces whatever the ice offers next

Through heights and depths

Lengthy streaks and sudden turnarounds

In the spirited collision in the national spotlight

They have revealed a portrait of a season in progress.

Hockey won’t hold stand still to give you a better look

You wouldn’t want it to anyway

It’s the action that makes the possibilities endless

The next practice, the next city, the next game awaits.

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