What’s Yashin Thinking?

A picture truly can say a thousand words and this one sparks as many questions?

  • Wrist bands?
  • Beads?
  • Where’s the face paint?

But what we really want to know is, what’s Yashin thinking? Caption the photo in the comments.

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11 Responses to What’s Yashin Thinking?

  1. jager bomb says:

    Did I remember to put enough axe body-spray on today?

  2. colin says:

    Kevin would look good in a pearl necklace.

  3. RR says:

    “thirsty goalie? more like handicapped goalie”

  4. RR says:

    “I wonder if any 2 year olds in a stroller will crash into the front of the cab when the conductor hits the brakes?”

  5. bg says:

    you gotta exfoliate dude, it’s not good for ya!

  6. snap says:

    icecream after beer….?

  7. dk says:

    It’s probably most realistic when left blank.

  8. Arthur says:

    Mmmmmm, bacon.

  9. Amos says:

    I hope my kids didn’t eat all the Mallomars!

  10. dk says:

    “I hope this is only a fart.”

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