Lagerheads Undefeated So Far….

The Lagerheads started fast in the 1980 rink jumping out to a 5-0 lead over the Choppers, from just north of Boston. It got hairy in the last 5-minutes as the Choppers scored 4 straight but the ‘heads hung on.

Game 2 was a tight-checking affair with the Ottawa One-Timers, a bunch of facial-hair packing police officers from Canada’s capital. It was 1-1 with the seconds counting down in the third period as Amos appeared to score. The referee down low pointed towards the net. The horn sounded and the Lagerheads exploded onto the ice. 2-1 victors, right? Not so fast, as the handshake began the referees conferenced and waived off the goal. No reason was given and the officials got off the ice right quick.

But after two games, the Lagerheads are undefeated with a test against a Quebec City squad on deck for this afternoon.

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