2nd Round, Who Ya Got?


1) San Jose vs 5) Detroit

2) Chicago vs 3) Vancouver


4) Pittsburgh vs 8) Montreal

5) Boston vs 7) Philadelphia

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9 Responses to 2nd Round, Who Ya Got?

  1. Jon B says:

    San Jose v. Vancouver

    Philly vs Pitts

  2. KevMc says:

    Detroit / Chicago
    Philly / Pitts

  3. dk says:

    Hmm this has become interesting. I agree with Hoagie on the west but think the East is unpredictable, with only one team that didn’t overachieve in the first round.

  4. bern says:

    what hoagie said. and by the way, i laughed like Dr. Evil last night when Bruce Beudro had his hands over his face after that second Habs goal. Maybe Clarke/Snyder are right after all about these Russian Players. Semin and Backstrom were gutless in that series.

  5. bake says:

    I think the “overachievers” in the east all have something in common and that is a huge left-handed defensemen who plays a ton of minutes and shuts down the oppositions superstar. Those being Pronger, Hal Gil and Chara. Therefore,

    Flyers – Habs
    Red Wings – Hawks

  6. KD says:

    I like Hoagies picks with San Jose vs Philly in the final.

  7. snapper says:

    bruins v pit
    hawks v sharks

    hawks and pit in the finals

  8. Dr. Bumba says:

    like snapper’s picks

  9. bake says:

    I was 3 for 4.

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