USA Vs Switzerland Open Thread

USA and Switzerland are playing on USA Network.

If you want to talk about, chat in the comments. If you’re going to watch later, don’t click through.

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8 Responses to USA Vs Switzerland Open Thread

  1. Arthur says:

    How about that Bobby Ryan! Cherry Hill’s own.

  2. Arthur says:

    Joe Pavelski is pretty impressive. Who knew?

  3. Arthur says:

    Well even though I seem to be talking to myself today, I was impressed in this USA performance. Not bad for a team that has been together for 48 hours.

  4. KD says:

    Not a bad result considering that the Swiss beat Canada at the last Olympics.

  5. Jon B says:

    anyone else a bit confused with both parise and kane on first line. Wouldn’t it be better to drop Kane to second line and promote someone like Backes to the first with Parise and Statsny? Scorer-playmaker- fast & big/hardworker = perfect line no?

  6. Jon B says:

    I am excited about team USA in that they are so young and will def compete for gold in 2014. JVR should be on that team too. Their only problem is that all of the highly touted “franchise defensemen” USA has produced have yet to pan out.

  7. ShitShow says:

    Who won the shit show award at pecks?

  8. bake says:

    May we use this thread for today’s rematch?

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