Parrot Down, Blades Next

After narrowly escaping getting their eyes scratched out by the talking birds, the Rams face the Blades Tuesday 1/19 at 9:00. The brothers have beer duty.

You in?

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12 Responses to Parrot Down, Blades Next

  1. Amos says:

    Changing my status to “on the fence.” It’s the girlies bday.

  2. Arthur says:

    In (need of a ride). Don’t worry though, I’ll get there.

  3. pim says:

    out. we need a win, biggest game of the year so far. bring your ‘A’ game. best of luck.

  4. dk says:

    we are thin, boys. gas up. golin is likely out. i’ve asked kratzer.

  5. kratz says:

    sorry boys am busted on schedule and can’t make it. Thanks for the invite though. Good luck

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