You Had To See That Coming

Alexander Ovechkin plays with a reckless abandon that has to be admired even as it is realized, it cannot end well. And yesterday we got a peek at how badly things can go.
Ovechkin injured his own knee as he collided with Carolina Hurricane Tim Gleason. To add insult to that injury, Ovechkin also picked up his second major + game misconduct in three games.
Ovechkin will be evaluated today but it didn’t look good as he couldn’t put any weight on his knee as he was helped from the ice.
And of course there’s the other side of this as well. Will Ovechkin receive a suspension over this? Did he even deserve a penalty.
The comments are open.
Update: Ovechkin skates a bit today, walks without limp. Says he won’t change the way he plays. [Puck Daddy]

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2 Responses to You Had To See That Coming

  1. bobblehead joe says:

    looks like a missed check to me. he was trying to lead with his shoulder. whoops!

  2. bake says:

    what was Ovi hanging on to when he was escorted off by his trainer? Take note of his left hand.

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