Waiting for Jello

The Rams lost to the new look WC thunder last night 3-2. Similar to the Phils, the Rams tied it up late in the 3rd period with a slapper from Amos. A questionable interference call negated a late Rams power play making it 4-4 for the last four minutes. The Thunder cashed in, keeping the Rams winless in their first 3 games. A better effort overall, but the Rams better hope things gelatinize sooner than later.

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4 Responses to Waiting for Jello

  1. rr says:

    i thought we played well, like old wily veterans.

  2. dk says:

    nice work, boys. next game is sunday 11/8 at 9:00 vs. Murphy’s B. I don’t have more schedule after that.

  3. jager bomb says:

    “Questionable”. More like phantom interference call. You guys deserved at least the tie you earned with the late goal. Great game by Kevin as always. Good luck the rest of the way

  4. shoup says:

    out Sunday … going to the Eagles game

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