Rams Hockey Is Back!

We have an ice slot Wednesday, 9/15 at 8:45 pm at Wintersport.
We’re shooting for 15 guys on the FT roster. Snap is back and the FNG is Dan Flood aka the “bald guy”. I’ve ponied up the deposit to get our discounts so I need you to come through, too.
The season is $350. I need $200 wednesday. If you can’t make it, mail to 6365 McCallum St. Phila. PA 19144.
Checks made payable to Philadelphia Rams. I’ll need the next $150 by the end of October.
Also, and do this soon please, you need to register with USA Hockey. Please email your confirmation to Dean.

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7 Responses to Rams Hockey Is Back!

  1. dumbass says:


  2. TS says:

    Emilio Estevez

  3. Jon B says:

    Penguins are $360. Just what do you do with that $150 Aramini?

  4. Combustible Huxtible says:

    sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters.

  5. rr says:

    out, golf league

  6. fiyah says:

    in, rr is the new shaun andrews, gettin his michael phelps on. Get in camp boy! Get your priorities straight!

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