Defense Over Goaltending

Here are a couple interesting graphics that show just how good the Minnesota Wild team defense was in 2008-09.


The first graphic shows Where shots come from in the NHL. Logically most come from just in front of the net and slot.

The second graphic shows the distribution of shots against the Wild relative to the rest of the league. It was tough to get to the front of the net against the Wild. Must have been the work of Cal Clutterbuck.

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3 Responses to Defense Over Goaltending

  1. bert says:

    Did they use Lite Brites for those graphics? Sweeeet.. I used to have one of those man!

  2. it was me says:

    we’re opening the season with this?

  3. TS says:

    The outbursts in relation to the tendencies leave a vacancy in the hall.

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