Hockey Returns Sunday

Hockey returns to the Wissahickon Skating Club this Sunday at 10:30 am. It’ll be the first of ten weeks of Sunday hockey.
There will also be skates on Monday, 8:45 and Thursday, 9pm starting next week.
See you there.

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5 Responses to Hockey Returns Sunday

  1. Dont be that guy. says:

    we only have 7 weeks of sunday hockey.

  2. ripoff says:

    you pay for 10 and get 7 what a deal!

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Where was our fearless leader today?

  4. Mini Bender says:

    Down the shore riding on my mini bike.

  5. Jenks says:

    Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bumba. Lindsay had a baby boy last night; Matthew.

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