Wood Duck Open

What is everyone’s availability on June 20, 2009 for the Wood Duck Open? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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7 Responses to Wood Duck Open

  1. todd says:

    Quakers and 14ers have the afternoon games at Wiss

  2. r berk says:

    the woodducks are in it to win this year boys!

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    If this date is bad, feel free to give suggestions for the date.

  4. Goat says:

    The rink is shutdown from July 4 to July 26th if you want to schedule any of those weeks. Hockey withdraw should be setting in about the second week of shutdown.

  5. Jenks says:

    June 20th could work but lots of guys will be missing due to the quakers/14ers game. Any possibility of postponing until after the spring league? July 18 or 25?

  6. snap says:

    july for me

  7. Token Jew says:

    Put me down for July 18th. I will be out of town on the 25th

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