Pronger A Flyer

The Flyers send Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa, a conditional third rounder and two #1 picks to the Anaheim Ducks for big mean defenseman Chris Pronger.
Was it too much?
Flyers swap players, picks for Pronger [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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5 Responses to Pronger A Flyer

  1. Jon B says:

    Too much. But they are a better team today becasue of the trade. Better win a championship this year. Future was set for a long time with all the good young players but now it is in limbo but with the upside of a legit sick squad. Pronger was the perfect player to get for this year and possibly the next two (expect an extension of 2-3 years soon).
    Generally speaking, the way you win in a tightly capped league is to draft well and develop your young players who will then play on your team for cheap until their entry level contracts expire (see Giroux for the nest few years). In that sense, there are a few positives in this deal: Van Reimsdyke will replace Lupol and will provide close to the offense but for 2-3 million less for three or four years. Losing that contrace was a decidedly good thing. Not losing JVR in the deal was a good thing as well. I am also thinking that Holmgren somehow made the decision that Marshall, Bourdon and Parant made Sbisa somewhat expendable even though he will probably be the best of that bunch. I am a fan of building consistantly winning teams built around draft picks and player development as opposed to free agent/ trade heavy flash in the pan type teams. But the bottom is a top four of Pronger, timmonen, Cobourn and Parent is probably the best in the east and should be able to better Conatin Malkin and Crosby.

  2. jon B says:

    a few grammatical errors there. Art, can we get spell check up in this bitch!?

  3. Jon B Rant says:

    My problems with Holmgren:
    Asset Management:
    • Signed Randy Jones to a 2 year @ 2.75 mil contract extension last year. Terrible contract. Not necessary at all as I doubt there were a lot of teams (any?) that were interested in him. He is at best a 5th or 6th D-man (and a poor one at that) and you simply cannot afford to pay lower tier D-men that much money in a capped league. Will probably be waived (because he can be) and sent to the phantoms this year (1 year removed from the signing) to free up cap space because……..
    • Early last season Holmgren panicked and traded Steve Downie and Steve Eminger to Tampa for Matt Carle and his 3.5 mil salary. Carle 3.5 mil effectively replaced Emingers 1 mil salary thus placing the team in the position of having to sign amateurs and waive Vanaanan and Metropolit towards the end of the season. This move was really bad considering ………..
    • Holmgren had just traded a first round pick for Eminger who was in no way worth it (Washington selected rising top prospect John Carlson with the flyers pick and Jacob Markstrom, so far the premier goalie of that draft, was selected 4 picks later by Florida). I wish I could have seen McPhees face when Holmgren offered a 1st for Eminger (up to that point and currently a busted former 1st pick from 2002). It would have looked the exact opposite of my face when I found out that…..
    • Holmgren signed Lupul to a 4 year 4.5 per year extension while he still had a year left and would be a RFA at the end of the 2008-2009 season. Meaning he did not have to be signed last summer! Relax Homer, take your time and find out if Lupul can maintain some consistency (he can’t). Like Jones, Lupul at 4.5 mil carries negative trade value and the result is the Pronger trade where……
    • Anaheim basically needed extra picks to take Lupul off the Flyers hands. I like the trade and think it was a necessary trade, but the flyers gave up more for Pronger than Anaheim gave up for him three years ago. Why was that the case? Because Holmgren messed up his cap so much with extensions like Lupuls and Jones as well as stupid high-priced trigger-finger acquisitions like Carle. All those things mean……
    • All GM’s knows the Flyers cap situation and will continually up the ante for giving the Flyers any sort of cap relief via trades. Remember, the cap is not just messed up for this year. The Flyers will have to resign Carter, Giroux, Gagne and Coburn in the next three years. And the cap may go down next year! Making trades like this can and will cripple an organization for years. So far the Flyers are OK and could afford to give up the assets. Barely! No more moves like this are possible. Stop Now!
    My recommendations:
    • Re-build prospect pool via trades for picks / prospects (currently the Flyers forward prospect pool is very thin). Get creative here (Carle for a pick, trade an existing prospect for future picks). Everyone does it!
    • Keep all remaining picks in the next two drafts (A necessity)
    • Develop a freaking goalie in house!
    • Stop being “Gay for Jones” (Randy Jones that is).Waive his ass.
    • Stock the 4th line and 3rd d pairing with extremely cheap players. All other teams do this (see Detroit and Darren Helm in the playoffs). With the overall quality this team now has on the top three lines and top 4 d-men the 4th line and 3rd pair should hardly play at all.
    • Do not panic and make trades early in the season because of injuries. Your farm team is meant to provide some injury call-ups. Again, everyone else does it, why can’t the Flyers?
    • If the team sputters at the start of the season, you have to fire Stevens. Can’t do much more with the roster.
    • Also maybe fire yourself due to poor start.
    The Bright Side:
    • Flyers are stacked this year and with the extension of Pronger would be for the next 2 or 3 years.
    • Flyers core group of players are all young
    • Flyers and Eagles will both win championships this year!
    • I am going on Vacation next week.

  4. fiyah says:

    I am Eklund! Good stuff Jon, to hell with eklund,spector, even tim pinochio.

  5. jon b says:

    Eklund is gay, Specter is a fag and Pinachio is a very bad writer*.
    *maybe gay too considering his mustache and depending on his tuna intake!

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