Game 7 Tonight

Who ya got???

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9 Responses to Game 7 Tonight

  1. Iverson says:

    They are still playing hockey?

  2. Jon B says:

    I feel sick. But then I see Hossa’s face and feel a bit better. He was the biggest loser tonight. The precedent was thankfully turned on its head; no more sweatheart deals for Detroit.
    Seriously, I like football even more than hockey and those assholes just won both championships. F Pittsbburgh! I would trade 10 world series for one stanley cup or superbowl.*
    Remember that pittsburgh tanked for like 4 straight years and also got one of the best ever 2nd overall picks in Malkin. To put that into perspective, when the flyers get the 2nd overall we get Van Reimsdyke!
    *well, maybe 5.

  3. Thor says:

    Congrats to all the Yinzer Pens fans out there. Great finish.
    Great series.
    Crosby has his Cup.
    F*ck Hal Gill.

  4. Jon B says:

    did you notice that Hal Gill got his grubby hands on the cup before Stall, or even Talbot. I think Gill was 4th or 5th to hoist the cup. He has to be last.

  5. ZZZZZZZ says:

    Soccer on skates!!!!!!

  6. Einhorn is a man says:

    Finkel is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkel…Etchells is Gill, Gill is Etchells.

  7. fiyah says:

    Kev, you of all people should like Dan Cloutier!

  8. Thirsty Goalie says:

    It looks like the Flyers will be in the Winter Classic this year at Fenway.

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