Pens Win Game 1

JENKIN’S BRAIN – Pens win 6-5 in overtime. Hockey Bob gets the game winner. Nothing pretty, just a backdoor pass off a rebound. We were winning 5-4 with 2 minutes left and then we had a huge brain fart after a neutral zone faceoff. Overtime format is 5 minute overtime peroid followed by shootout (????)

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4 Responses to Pens Win Game 1

  1. go penguins video….

  2. cracker says:

    cool video douche bag. Go Wheat Thins!

  3. dk says:

    5 minute o.t. then shoutout. yep.

  4. Jon B says:

    Halligan played his ass off. shootouts in playoofs suck but the game has to end at some point.

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