Editors Note: The following is a transcript between Jive Turkey (JT) and Big Head (BH). It is alleged to have taken place during beer week in Center City.
JT: Big Head is that you?
BH: Hmm? Oh, yeah. How’d you know?
JT: The head gives you away.
BH: Dammit.
JT: Ready for the CML playoffs?
BH: Yep.
JT: Who do you like to win the cup?
BH: Murphy’s B.
JT: Great. How ’bout in the A league?
BH: That’s a tough one. The only teams I see are the rams and penguins. But I assume those other guys drink beer. Speaking of beer, pony up and I’ll give you the scoop.

JT: Care for a Genny Cream Ale?
BH: I’m outta here.
JT: Wait. How ’bout a Jaeger bomb?
BH: Done.
JT: First round matchups are Penguins and Blades. Wheat Kings and Rams. Who has the advantage?
BH: The Penguins and Blades are only separated by four points, which speaks well for the parity in the league. And the Penguins only have one more goal for. I can say the Blades are butchers. And the Penguins are Bakers. So all you need are candlestick makers.
JT: Way to talk spring league. Want another Jaeger Bomb?
BH: Yeah.
JT: How about Wheat Kings and Rams?
BH: Of all the teams in the running, the Rams are the only team to have celebrated an A-league cup win in my bar, so they have experience. And, they’ve given up the least amount of goals. But, never count out and eagle scout.
JT: Well put.
BH: I think I’m gonna puke.
JT: Too much Jaeger?
BH: No. Your shirt is ugly.

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