Happy Trade Deadline Day

The Ottawa Senators made the first Deadline Day move, trading winger Antoine Vermette to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for goaltender Pascal Leclaire and a 2009 second-round draft pick.
We can’t wait till something interesting happens.
Check out the TradeCentre for up to the minute rumblings.

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16 Responses to Happy Trade Deadline Day

  1. Nicole says:

    from your favorite fan.

  2. Nicole says:

    from your favorite fan.

  3. Nicole says:

    haha – sorry about that

  4. Jon B says:

    Don’t get the second rounder going to phoenix. The flyers as an organization have only actually used their second round pick three times in the last ten years. Always traded away at the trade deadline. I guess its better then giving up a first? But you would think that sooner or later lacking a second round pick is going to hurt your farm system (Paul Stastny, Patrice Bergeron, Milan Lucic, Derek Roy, Jason Pominville, Mike Cammalleri, and Shea Webber were all recent second round picks). Those are valuable picks.

  5. barn yard says:

    Agree hoagie…I can’t come up with a reason why a 2nd rounder was included in the deal.

  6. John Chaney says:

    Send in the Goons!
    Do not like this move Holmer, consider this a free pass.

  7. what the f says:

    While I’m not a huge Upshall fan, why give away a 25 yr old forward with some grit for a goon? Is his $1.25M salary the difference in keeping Giroux on the team now that Briere is back?

  8. confused says:

    upshall (pending ufa) was merely a salary dump so they can fit a 7th d-man (mclaren) on the roster and have room in case of emergency. however a 2nd rounder as well for downie part 2? that is perplexing. maybe they’ll dump cote and have kalinski or ross center asham and downie 2 for the playoffs………..

  9. Anonymous says:

    mclaren was in the minors all year. does he now have to clear re-enrty waivers to join the team? if so can teams claim him post-trade deadline?

  10. jon b says:

    Cote better not be playing in the playoffs (I would never play him = pointless). McLaren I gather is just for emergency in playoffs in case of inevitable injuries to coburn or timmonen. And the 400k in salary savings does allow the flyers to avoid that which they just went through (i.e a weekend where they had to send Giroux down because timonen was out [short term] and they had no cap room to pay anyone as the 6th d-man). They needed a bit of wiggle room. I would rather have acquired that through a trade of Jones for just about any pick (2.5 mil cap hit =ouch!). Also, After almost three years there is a growing theme that Holmgren simply does not promote defenseman from the phantoms. He always looks outside the organization for d help. START TO DEVELOP YOUR OWN D-MEN!

  11. Weta #6 says:

    Sad to see upshall go but I agree with John. I’m much more confused about the Mclaren side of it though. So when playing in the NHL were Kukkonen and Vaananan’s contracts substanially more $ than McClaren stand to make if is called up? Do they think McClaren is a better option than either of these 2? I wouldn’t think so intuatively but obviously there was cap space logic dictating all of this.

  12. bobblehead joe says:

    couldn’t they have just waived cote to save $400,000? i know he’s well loved on the team and he’s got a hot wife, but c’mon!
    oh wait, then they’d have to partially refund tickets for that flyers cruise this june.
    i heard that the reason we had to get rid of the 2nd rounder is that all of the other GMs knew we were desperate to get rid of some cap space. the 2nd rounder is basically the cost of poor salary cap management. lupul and hartnel’s contracts are looking a little pricey lately. at least we still have giroux and jvr nice and cheap.

  13. Dr. Bumba says:

    How about Briere’s contract?????

  14. Jon B says:

    Hartnell’s contract is fine. Lupol’s is fine now (2.5 I think) but next year it baloons to 4.5 (bad move Holmgren who didn’t need to “lock” Lupol up last summer). If they waived Cote they would still have to bring up someone to replace him and since he makes the minimum (or close to it) no cap space would be gained in fact the player called up might make more than Cote at the nhl level.
    The difference with mclaren was that he is already in the AHL and thus doesn’t have to clear waivers to go down. Flyers would have loved for Vanaannan to clear to the phantoms but he didn’t. I would have waived Alberts instead and prayed he didn’t get taken.
    Regardless, the flyers are in cap trouble not because of the big contracts to Briere etc, but because Holmgren has had a terrible 9 months or so in asset management and cap management terms:
    – he made the senseless trade for Eminger at the draft. We could have had another solid D prospect or a great Goalie prospect (Markstrom).
    – he panicked and signed Jones to a 2.5 mil contract (at least 750k overpaid)
    – for some reason he felt it necessary to lock up Lupol to a 4.5mil deal
    – He panicked and traded for Alberts early in the year instead of doing what most teams do when a number of defenseman get injured and simply promote your top AHL guys to play on the third pair (10 min a night) for a few weeks. Added about 500k to cap.
    – he dealt Eminger and Downie for Carle (not bad in terms of talent swap) but picked up an additional 3.5mil contract with Carle (Overpaid) which left the Flyers with about 1.75mil less cap which would come to a head once Briere returned.
    Any one of those moves aren’t horrible in isolation, but the net result of them combined with the already tight cap situation brought about the embarrassing waiving of Vanannan and Metropolit (another signing I don’t like) as well as Giroux being sent down on sunday.
    I am glad that nothing big happened yesterday as I feel strongly that the flyers should lock in their young talent core (Richards, Carter, Hartnell, Giroux, JVR, Sbisa, Coburn, Carle) and for once really comit to building from within. In a capped league, free agents and trades will only aggravate already tight cap situations. With the young core the Flyers have they should be legit stanly cup contenders for the next 5-6 years barring silly trades where they overpay for a single player and give up future picks prospects.

  15. kratz says:

    now that sounds like a hoagies corner

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