Rams With Shot To Move Ahead

Saturday 2/21 at 10:30 pm vs. the Blades. A win could move us alone into first place, where we sit tied with the Penguins now. you in?
Goat and Shoup on beer duty.

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18 Responses to Rams With Shot To Move Ahead

  1. Thor says:

    Out. Go get em boys.

  2. bake says:

    Out. Go get em boys.

  3. RR says:

    in, but will be a little drunk.

  4. Goat says:

    Big maybe for me. I will let u know.

  5. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Good to see that the goat has regained his rightful place at the top of the Pecks Pond shit show voting.

  6. shoup says:

    in w/ beer

  7. dk says:

    colin and i are in.

  8. Jenks says:

    Love it…
    “The most excited I ever was in my career was going to Philly,” Sean Burke said. “The second-most excited I ever was was to get the heck out of there.”

  9. jon b says:

    wow. a real journalistic effort at espn.com. great article. and about hockey to boot!

  10. dk says:

    Info for Genna’s service.
    It will take place on
    Saturday, February 21st 1:00-2:30 pm at
    Joseph Levine & Son Memorial Chapel
    4737 Street Road,
    Trevose, PA 19053
    (215) 942-4700.

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