Rams Slow Wheat Kings

From the desk of Bake
The Champagne (of beers) would be flowing regardless of the outcome of the battle betwixt the Rams and Wheat Kings Wednesday night in the noted slot of 10:30.
The Rams jumped out in front in the first to a 3-1 lead with goals from Dean, Bake and Shoup. A goal by Amos and a Wee-a-Wheet Kings goal left the score at 4-2 headed to the third. After a couple well placed “Come on boys!” and “Let’s goes!” the Rams saw the score knotted at 4’s with about 8 to play. Looking for any oxygen left in the rink the Rams did not hit the panic button and it was but Amos, once again, hitting the twine behind Halligan on a one-timer to put the Rams up for good 5-4. (Somebody’s shooting percentage was down on the night ((but you would never guess who(((because He never talks about it)))).
When asked about the game Amos responded, “You know, I put my pants on in the morning just like you, one leg at a time. But after they are on, I score game winning goals. No big deal.”
In another note: apparently there are still people who live over there in the 4th and so it goes, not blowing the game and not getting arrested….now that’s, living the High Life.

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4 Responses to Rams Slow Wheat Kings

  1. Buzz Killington says:

    Nice write up.

  2. KevMc says:

    Glad you beat those punks.

  3. dk says:

    next up: blades on 2/21. note the start time of 10:30.
    goat’s got a case. who else?

  4. shoup says:

    I’ll grab a case also

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