Pecks Pond 2009

We are less than 2 weeks away from the Pecks Pond Hockey Weekend Extravaganza aka: Smoke Too Much Weed And Drink Soo Much Beer That You Pass Out At The Bar And Then Puke Out The Back Door All Over The Grill And Then Piss Yourself On The Couch Weekend. Who’s in? A head count will be helpful so that we can be sure to have enough food and alcohol. If you’re coming up we’re asking you to bring a food item or beer or to chip in for the keg. Nicole and I will be making chili, meatballs and other assorted snacks. Jones and Yashin will be bringing up a couple spiral sliced hams, although I will be surprised if the hams make it the whole ride up with those two. If someone could bring up a bunch of rolls for the meatballs and ham that would be helpful. If you have something you would like to make/bring let me know. I think we should get a half keg for Saturday and a bunch of cases for the rest of the time. Sam has suggested that you bring cans instead of bottles if possible. I will be going up this weekend to shovel the rink if necessary so if anyone would like to come up for some excersize, let me know.

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31 Responses to Pecks Pond 2009

  1. Jenks says:

    In with hot wings

  2. Dr. Bumba says:

    In with spiral ham.

  3. Jenks says:

    Both Berks are in

  4. Genuinely Frightened says:

    God have mercy on us all.

  5. Thor says:

    In with CASH.

  6. bern says:

    i’m making breakfast sandwiches on saturday morning. Hot sausage/pepper&egg. I’ll bring rolls and a case of beer.

  7. Tyrone Bootzpatrick says:

    In with rolls.
    No need to bring any, Bern. I got it covered. I can’t wait for sausage, pepper and eggss.

  8. Goat says:

    I’ll bring a half of Molson and collect for it up there. -Something useful-

  9. TS says:

    In with loot and engaging eyes.

  10. bert says:

    Rumor has it that it will be TS’s birthday weekend??

  11. cleary says:

    In. I’ll bring cash

  12. Thirsty says:

    I can either bring cash or someone can assign me something useful to bring.
    I’ll bring a shovel, the ipod speakers and some scrap 2×4 a a hammer to patch up the holes in the goal that says Dowell.
    Anyone want to ride up on Friday around noon?

  13. Thirsty says:

    I’ve been assigned water and gatorade

  14. Jager Bomb says:

    anyone goin up friday morning?

  15. r berk says:

    i’m bringing a case of red bull and cases of beer, what else should i bring?

  16. Jager Bomb says:

    hey thirsty ill go up friday at noon… not to look like an ass but its been over a yr since my last post and i hav no clue who thirsty is

  17. Thirsty (Goalie) says:

    Good, I have no clue who Jager Bomb is either.

  18. Thirsty Goalie says:

    …but you’re welcome to ride up with me on Friday.

  19. Jenks says:

    Dude….watch what you say….Jaber Bomb might be Gay Goalie

  20. Jenks says:

    Does Kensington have the internet??!! Can I now be off the hook as the Berk spokesman?

  21. Jenks says:

    Thirsty….careful what you say….Jager might be some kind of wacko….He might be Eddie or some Rangers fan.

  22. Thor says:

    Wireless Philadelphia gets Kenzo online. And Jager Bomb? That’s our favorite trashcan hugging five hole.

  23. Jenks says:

    I hear he is in deep with the Goal Post Mofia…time to pay the Piper!

  24. Carmen says:

    Jonesy, Yashin, myself, and maybe some others are going up Thursday night. Given that there may be some significant amounts of snow up there if anyone wants a ride Thurs night I have room in my truck. Give me a call 215-787-8215. Leaving from my house.

  25. jager says:

    It is i the stick throwing, blunt smoking, trashcan hugging eagle scout and i wanted to see what i can contribute besides the usual bag of stank.

  26. Jager Bomb says:

    It is i the stick throwing, blunt smoking, trashcan hugging eagle scout and i wanted to see what i can contribute besdies the usual bag of stank.

  27. Token Jew says:

    In — Beer makes a nice gift…

  28. Token Jew says:

    In — Beer makes a nice gift…

  29. bern says:

    thanks Brett for all the hard work and hospitality.

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