Life’s biggest lies befall Rams in 4-3 loss

First, Santa. Then as you got older and your acne hit, the guys in the upper grades said; “Don’t sweat it buddy. Get laid and that’ll go away.” It didn’t. Oh, and then there’s the one where Arty says he’s in. But, he falls asleep and dreams that little barely 20-somethings aren’t skating circles around his friends (who are probably still out of breath today). Anyway, Rams drop an important one 4-3 with goals by Kane, Firemon and Bake all in the waning minutes of the third.
Next up, Penguins Tuesday at 9:00. No lie. Bernie and Amos on beer duty.
Also, if you’re not heading to Pecks Pond and want to play in the all star game (8:50 on 1/31) let me know by Sunday. I’d go and drink beers after.

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5 Responses to Life’s biggest lies befall Rams in 4-3 loss

  1. Dowinsise says:

    5ка! Отличный пост!

  2. Obama says:

    I vote Amos.

  3. Amos says:

    Fuck You! I’ll drink with Dean though…

  4. Allokecom says:

    пытаюсь подписаться, но рсс почему-то в кривой кодировке выдает 🙁 что я делаю не так? Хелп

  5. Jenks says:

    That is “Fuck you, Mr. President” to you son!

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