Spectrum Game – Are You Ready?


THIS SUNDAY 2pm – 12/14 Rams vs. Penguins. Players get there around 12:50. Park at the North end, in between the Linc. and Spectrum parking lot area (where they put the animals when the zoo comes to town.) Both entire teams/refs/scorers meet at the Door 1 entrance across from the old Vet PATTISON side to go in at 1pm. Please have your waiver signed and ready to hand in, if you don’t have one or forget it, I’ll have extras. You will also need your ticket to get in. Attendees can enter our game on the Pattison side and will sit in sections 201,202 & 226. They will have tickets on sale at our special price if people need to buy them down there. Each team is to designate two people to work the penalty boxes. Each team is responsible for their own pucks/waterbottles. FIGHTING IS NOT TOLERATED AND WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION OF THE GAME, so wait until the final whistle
if you have to, or call them out behind the Kate Smith Statue at 4:20 and Jenkins and I will take bets. NO BEER to be brought into the building, We’ll have plenty in between at the tailgate. We need volunteers to bring coolers w/ ice if you are driving (let me know.) Amos is bringing the beer, I’m on the DiMaio Pie, Hoagie is on Pretzel duty. Read the itinerary if I missed anything. Good luck. Thanks,


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  1. Buddyweiser's trade rumors says:

    PHILLYBLURBS.COM: Boots Fitzpatrick reports speculation that the Philadelphia Rams may trade goal-in’s rights to the Penguins so he can hang out in the penalty box and drink Labatts with the Berks Bros. and Jenks all game….a case of batty blue cans was said to be the Rams asking price.
    Buddyweiser’s’s Note: It appears this could be the Rams best return for a player who has been sidelined with “boob-like elbowitis” and may not play another game this season. With UFA status this spring some believe he could be holding out for a one year deal with the Murphy’s C team next year.

  2. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Thanks Bernie, Dean, Jim A and anyone else who organized the game today, it was a lot of fun.

  3. RR says:

    Thanks indeed, what a tie for ages

  4. Shoup says:

    Great fun to play at the Spectrum. I hope it becomes an annual game. Thanks to all for making it happen.

  5. Kev Mc says:

    Yeah, that was a ot of fun! Thanks guys.

  6. everyone says:

    Thanks Bernie

  7. kratz says:

    I think RR needs to do another recap

  8. Thor says:

    I like this guy. And F-you manatee.

  9. Jon B says:

    Web site = awesome
    I guess “anonymous” googled “fuck you penguins” and this was the first link

  10. Jenks says:

    fuckyoupenguin.com is quickly becoming my favorite site….THIS is why Al Gore invented the internet.

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