Rams vs Bandits this Sunday

Sunday, 2:50. Bandits. In? Beer? Colin? Another volunteer?

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13 Responses to Rams vs Bandits this Sunday

  1. Thirsty Goalie says:


  2. Earnie "Thor" Banks says:

    Lets play two! In-in.

  3. fiyah says:

    Mr. Pub!

  4. PIM Leader says:

    I got one case

  5. dk says:

    out, i’ll get a replacement. are there any holiday skates?

  6. goat says:

    Hoagies running something. You’ll get an email if he likes you.

  7. shoup says:

    Out … see you boys after the holidays!

  8. Amos says:

    Sick as a dog. Last minute scratch. Good luck fellas…

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