Pecks Pond 10 am Sunday

Followed by beer and Eagles vs Giants. Be home by dinner time.

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  1. Thor says:

    In if I can grab a ride.
    Directions after the jump.
    Take 309 north to 78 east.
    Take 78 east to 33 north.
    Take 33 north to 80 east / 209 north.
    Take 80 east / 209 north to Marshals Creek exit 309 which is 209 north.
    Once off 80 after about 4 miles on 209 north you will come to a “dead end” traffic light.
    Turn right and in a few hundred feet you will come to another traffic light.
    Make a left at this light (there will be a Mr. Z’s supermarket to your right).
    After you make your left you will make your first right in less than 100 feet onto 402 north.
    Stay on 402 north all the way to Pecks Pond (it will take you about 25 minutes).
    You will pass the Inn at Pecks Pond on your right followed by the Pecks Pond Store.
    Once past the store SLOW DOWN because my place is about the fifth house past the store on your right.
    Look for the “Al’s Nest” sign at the end of the driveway and the house is red.

  2. RR says:

    Is there a Saturday? or just Sunday?

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