It’s Always Good to See your Friends!!!

Red Rocket picks up the first goal and the game recap.
As it begins, before the Rams could even become accustomed to their game used, professional, cloth tape compliments of the Philadelphia Phantoms, were losing to the Continentals 3-0, only 8 minutes into the first period. RR got the Rams back into it with a rising slapshot from the top of the goaltender’s crease loosening the deficit to 2 goals, however, the 1st period ended, with a score of 4-1. That’s when “OUR” friends showed up.
Colin came strolling out of the locker room, the refs were ready to throw him in the box, but he hadn’t touched the ice yet. As Colin sat on the bench, he said hello to Golin, Heron and Dave K. Colin, eagerly jumping on the ice for his first shift 4 minutes into the second period, slammed home a twisted wrister 15 seconds later. That was the spark the Rams and Friends needed. Bobby Abreu (Heron) collected hats from ice for his personal collection and “Goal-in” added 2 assists. The Continentals had 20 shots, Dave K had 13 saves and a goal. Rams and Friends come back huge and win, 8-5!!!
As the champagne (of beer) began to flow for $2 a bottle at Big Heads, Bake and Golin took up rest and relaxation on the stools at the end of the bar. Seeing these strapping, buff men, two women (the kind of women who would love to drop down and get their eagle on the bathroom floor in Lagerhead fashion) approached seeking their seats to play a calming game of Female Nude Photo Hunt. As they and the remaining Rams played this classy game, records were set, laughs ensued, and naked women were examined. Half way through the third round, the two women stopped, laughed, took out the cell phone cameras, and started taking pictures of the current, nude lady. “What are you doing?” roared Amos. Their response………………….
“That is one of our friends!!!”

It’s Always Good to See your Friends!!!

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7 Responses to It’s Always Good to See your Friends!!!

  1. Thirsty Goalie says:

    RR – well done!

  2. Jenks says:

    Comprehensible English….I love it!

  3. Thor says:

    The MegaTouch game is made in beautiful Bristol. I hear Club Risque is a frequent contributor of models for the games.

  4. RR says:

    it was a late night again Jenks.

  5. Jenks says:

    You are having many late nights…..the last one I had left me, Bert and the Berks drinking in a truck after the bar closed…I am good for a while

  6. dan says:

    damn night shift

  7. dk says:

    stop, it hurts to laugh.

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