Bingo, Bango, Bongo. I (Rams) Win!!!

The Jive Turkey begs off today’s game summary and hands the reigns to the idle hands of RR.
It was the night of a 10:40, the kind of 10:40 that Generals plan for, the type that inspire nicknames, but more importantly, the night was a symphony of trichotomy that leaves us all with stories for generations. This 10:40 vs. the Blades, was the night that the Rams had 5 roughing calls in the third period, yet not one on PIM Leader. Yes, this was night of battles, leading to the end of a war.
Bingo – Bingo is accepted by the Blades, who on the shoulders of a new goalie (a really good goalie, but not Kevin or Wanger good), beat the Rams in a snoozer by the count of 4-1. There were some some bad passes, bad shots, lots of pucks out of play, but Bake scored.
Bango – Bango is accepted by the Rams, who closed the rink again and won the fourth period. Knowing the boys from the Blades had to return home to finish their Social Studies homework before homeroom tomorrow, Kevin, Dan, Donte, Pete and Whitey entered the fine beverage establishment only a stone’s throw away; where they were approached by a fine young gentleman who, according to his hat, roots for Major League Baseball. This young man took to Dan, and now, Dan likes Patron. “It’s smooth!!!”

Bongo – The tie breaker, the rubber match, the attachez le brisant simply goes to the Rams. Trumping Colin’s bare anus on a locker room bench after a shower where children will play during the next Saturday or Sunday birthday party, was a hit that shook the foundation of Wintersport Ice Arena and nearly collapsed the putrid insulation on the ceiling that holds many of RR’s shots from the point.
As Amos crossed the red-line with 2 minutes left in the 3rd period down 4-1, the remnants of a Gary Dorhoefer, circa 2005, between period analysis encompassed his mental capacity. “Good thing happen when you put the puck on the net”. Amos gingerly floated the puck inches from the rafters towards the opposing teams goal, there wasn’t a sound to be heard. Shhhh…………
“Hurry up Vern!” proclaims Gordie Lanchance during the bridge scene of Stand By Me as they are crossing a neutral zone of 500 yards of rushing water on a bed of wood and steel. Eerily, birds fly off in the distance, Gordie leans over, feels the track, and screams, “TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!” They run as fast as possible, jump off the tracks a split second before being obliterated. Teddy Duchamp claimed it to be the “best train dodge ever”. During the final minutes of the Rams game, there was no train dodge and; the train got Gordie!!!
As the puck started it’s descent from the rafters, one could see birds flying off in distance, then a gentle rumble of steel accelerating, grinding through frozen neutral zone, growing louder and louder. The heavy set score keeper jumped from up her seat in slow motion and yelled; “TRAIN!!!!!!!” This time, their Goalie, their Gordie, decided to face the train head on. Steel ripping through ice to the left, steel ripping through ice to the right, Bake farted, then a half of an instant of pure, calm gliding…. and Gordie was hit. Gordie joined the birds that had flown away only moments earlier as he was propelled into a quadruple spin and half flip merely nine feet off the ice. As Gordie landed upside down, in almost complete unconsciousness, Kierstan Railroads proclaimed………………….


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16 Responses to Bingo, Bango, Bongo. I (Rams) Win!!!

  1. goat says:

    That was awesome! LOL, and hangovers gone.

  2. dk says:

    RR, well done!

  3. bern says:

    *Quality Qart

  4. kratz says:

    wow nice filmic references. The noise of the collision was something for the ages as well as TS’s helmetless dome with a big smile.

  5. dan says:

    best 4th period so far

  6. Jenks says:

    I am gonna have to drink 6 or 7 beers tonight and read this again….maybe it will make sense then

  7. Thor says:

    By the way, timestamp on the email with this recap, 5am!
    And Jenks, try some Petron before reading the post. It’s smooooooth.

  8. shoup says:

    Silver Patron ?

  9. kratz says:

    RR neglected to include the detail about him remembering his skates but forgetting his sticks

  10. TS says:

    What a night? Tequila, frieght trains and losses. RR has certainly shared his theatrical twist on the evenings events…
    Sorry I missed the tequila.

  11. Thirsty Goalie says:

    At least you didn’t miss the goalie

  12. shoup says:

    Can anyone offer insight on WinnWell composite sticks ? Hockey world has a deal $150 normal price now offered for $40. There is also a Montreal composite $260 normal price now for $55.
    Let me know.

  13. dan says:

    montreals are nice, I wouldnt even bother with the winnwell

  14. RR says:

    Jenks, read it slowly with a candle and a few glasses of wine.
    Kiersten, greatest hit ever

  15. TS says:

    Shoup, the Montreal Nitro’s were a good composite. Not a bad price. Winwell? Losewell.
    RR, I envisioned my body as the puck; my propulsion your mighty arms. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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