Wheat Kings Expand Dominion

It wasn’t bad enough that the Rams didn’t have pre-planned beer duty (thanks for picking up the slack Art and Brett) they blew a 2 goal lead against the Wheat Kings. Who? Right. The team that was 0-5 till a week ago. Anyway, it started with Kev withstanding an onslaught in the early first. The Rams regained control and Dan broke the ice to give the Rams a 1-0 lead. Then Carter had a heatseeker for the Rams to go up 2-0. And the Rams totally dominated the second period … ‘cept for a coupla posts and missed opportunities (ahem, Dean). Speaking of (ahem, Dean) a turnover at the beginning of the third led to the Kings first tally and the Rams never regrouped, well, not enough to get TS to break out the goal horn. Better luck next time, which happens to be December 2 vs. the Blades.
Beef and Beer Saturday. Eat, drink, don’t tell Mary.

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2 Responses to Wheat Kings Expand Dominion

  1. goat says:

    My bad on that last goal boys. I gots to get my head out of my ass. Even the 4 or 5 beers did not take the bad taste of that loss out of my mouth.

  2. TS says:

    That loss was like an explosion of taste in Goat’s mouth.
    (I coulda hit the net too)

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