Strange Animal

A strange animal was spotted at the Phillies parade on October 31st.
It was part chicken, part man and part something else. But what?

philleis chicken 2.jpg

phillies chicken 3.jpg
phillies chicken4.jpg
phillies chicken.jpg

Ah yes, part goat!

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8 Responses to Strange Animal

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    Great stuff Goat.

  2. KevMc says:


  3. Jenks says:

    That last picture should be a billboard for Philadelphia tourism…
    A drunk goat making a donkey face while wearing a chicken suit, surrounded by white people, with historic City Hall in the background.
    I am sure Billy Penn was looking down from his perch we delight over the culmination of his dreams

  4. Jon B says:

    we need an encore appearaat the beef and beer.

  5. illiterate Jon B says:

    damn keyboard!

  6. kratz says:

    just don’t pull the finger

  7. chicken shit says:

    goat said his chicken was surround by hot chicks. hmmmm?

  8. Farmer says:

    that’s a fugly looking chicken.

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