Simons Lives

Ed Snider saves Simons and the two other city rinks from closing. The agreement will also expand access to the two other city rinks. But the most interesting bit is kind of buried.

The foundation is also working with the city to procure land for a hub facility that would have a computer lab, classrooms, administrative offices, and multiple ice surfaces, as well as public space for meetings and other community functions.

Hockey group saves city ice rinks [Philadelphia Business Journal]

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6 Responses to Simons Lives

  1. Anonymous says:

    what a nice guy…….

  2. dan says:

    i grew up skating out of there. glad to see its here to stay

  3. kratz says:

    I wonder if that nasty old lady will be running it though – are we going to get any skates in there?

  4. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Maybe you should sweet talk her.
    “Aooghh, is that a new purse to go with you new haircut?”

  5. kratz says:

    see was one nasty thang

  6. Hairy Pie says:

    she was a whore of a liar. No beer no go!

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