Rams & Penguins Beef & Beer

It’s the fourth Rams & Penguins Beef & Beer.
$20 includes ice skating and rentals, live music from the b-side prophets, raffles, prizes, 50/50 drawing and of course beef and beer.
Saturday, November 29th at 9pm.
Tickets now available online:
Buy tickets for Rams & Penguins Beef & Beer

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9 Responses to Rams & Penguins Beef & Beer

  1. PNRBNB Staff says:

    All players should bring at least 5 people other then themselves to ensure a good turnout. Hopefully 120+.

  2. Anal Penguin says:

    P comes before R so it should be Penguins & Rams. Just to be picky.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How does it read in the standings?

  4. Concerned Husband says:

    Should we bring “extra” wives this year for Colin to hit on?

  5. Have my own wife thank you says:

    Get over yourself “concerned husband”

  6. Pot calling kettle black says:

    Jenks, at least he doesn’t bail on fishing trips to stay home and be with his girlfriend. You Fag!

  7. Jenks says:

    Who on God’s green earth is backing Colin? It is a waste of time. You know he is going to slash you the next time he sees you anyway.
    I heard that was a great trip too. How many did you pull out of the water?

  8. Anonymous says:

    two drunks and some empty cans was the the total

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