Rams Look to Regain First Place

Rams vs. Blades, Tuesday 10:40.
You in?
And bring Bernie money for Spectrum game.

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14 Responses to Rams Look to Regain First Place

  1. dan says:

    by the way anyone with an extra ticket for the 14th, please bring it with you

  2. Thirsty says:

    In. I can also use any extra tickets. Thanks

  3. shoup says:

    in … who’s got tickets? I need at least 1

  4. bern "lot wook" says:

    who’s got my extra, i need a miracle brah.
    steve’s got tickets, i might have some extra.
    Steve owes me $90, or steve work it out…people need ’em. Remember, everyone needs one ticket for themselves to get in for our game.

  5. dk says:

    turkey and mvp are in.

  6. Fo Sho says:

    Keep looking bitches!

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