NHL Gaining On NBA

Attendance, buzz, enthusiasm and even TV ratings saying the NHL is gaining on the NBA.
The way I look at it the NHL is already operating in a post apocalyptic sports world where it is up to the leagues to truly market the game while the NBA is still relying on a fickle media to promote it.
NHL vs. NBA: Hockey winning in attendance, fan enthusiasm? [Puck Daddy]

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2 Responses to NHL Gaining On NBA

  1. Jon B says:

    Until the NHL focuses on the hockey hot beds and forgets the focus on expanding southward, the NHL will always lag behind. I think this is a reflection of the decline of the NBA rather than the ascendancy of the NHL. The question emerges, will something other than the NHL fill the void? Perhaps Fishing or hunting (then Versus will really make it big).

  2. Jenks says:

    The Berk and Berk show will eclipse both the NHL and NBA

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