Season Opener Thursday


Rams versus Continentals in 2008-09 season opener. Game time is 10:40 pm.
Art has beer duty.

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17 Responses to Season Opener Thursday

  1. RR says:

    is that 10:40 Am?

  2. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Hopefully Art does a better job with beer duty this week. That was a weak start to the season.

  3. Amos says:

    In. The heat is on Arty!

  4. Thor says:

    In. There’s a 30 pack of Labatts sitting in the foyer with all your names on it.

  5. Goat says:

    Beer, i’m in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    10:40 am is your tee time RR.

  7. RR says:

    then in for both

  8. dk says:

    reporting for duty. also, steve is in.

  9. KW says:

    In. Let’s win it for Dow Jones.

  10. dc says:

    in for at least a period and a half. and yea ill take 2 for the road thanks

  11. coddaire says:

    in. economy sucks but not the rams…

  12. shoup says:

    in – let’s go PHILS

  13. bake says:

    in this

  14. goal-out says:


  15. dk says:

    rams won 4-1, a solid effort throughout. goals by bern, steve, dean, shoup.
    next up, sunday, oct 19 … 2:45.

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