Rams Re-write Recipe for Success

Used to be that having enough guys, getting a goal from our defense, and a ton of saves were enough for a Rams win. Today, MVP spiced it up with a secret ingredient: have your lady friend’s father come watch you play. Yeild: 2 goals for Matty and a nice 5-3 win over the Bandits for the Rams. Sporting their new green uni’s and symbols from every nation (but ours), the Bandits found themselves in a 2-0 hole in the first period thanks to goals by Bake and Amos. The Rams then faltered a little allowing the Bandits to tie it before MVP tapped one in to make it 3-2. Val got his customary PP goal in the third to tie it. The rams shortened shifts but couldn’t shorten PiMs, and were shorthanded again in the middle of the third. Goat took an offensive zone face-off and won it right to MVP’s tape. A quick snapper and the Rams never looked back. Bern smoked the open netter.
Next game, October 28 (next tuesday) at 9:00 pm vs. the Wheat Kings. Bake and Amos on Beer Duty.
Also, for those that are not at the full $350, ante up in the next game or two please.

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7 Responses to Rams Re-write Recipe for Success

  1. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Damn, even the updated statistics are up already. This is like old times. Good job boys.
    There goes RR’s productivity.
    How did the Pens do?

  2. get it right says:

    Goat got 2 assists

  3. KevMc says:

    We won 7 or 8-2.

  4. Marty McFly says:

    More good new for the Pens. According to the league schedule you will beat the Bandits 4-3 on sunday the 26th of October at 2:50pm.

  5. goalin says:

    nice boys……

  6. Unemployed RR says:

    I have plenty of time now. …and I had two assists in the first game.

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