Phillies Win World Series

Phillies win the World Series and Harry Kalas has the call.
Come on down to the parade. It’s going to be a great time.

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4 Responses to Phillies Win World Series

  1. bobblehead joe says:

    i liked how the cops thought it was more important to break up our three-man hug than stop people from flipping cars.

  2. Lynn Abraham says:

    Penal code 81457A clearly states: “….man-hugs, especially three-man man-hugs, necessarily restrict a heterosexual bystander’s right to avoid “gay” behavior. As such, police officers are legally bound to break up the hug regardless of any flipped cars or small fires in the immediate vicinity.”
    Learn your penal code bitch!

  3. Pear says:


  4. Pear says:

    who needs shoulder pads? not me……CML wussies.

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