Slovakia 82 | Bulgaria 0

How bad is international women’s hockey? This bad!
Video 1 shows the Slovaks getting up to an early 7 goal lead.
Video 2 shows that after Bulgaria was down 77-0 they pulled their goalie and fared better. Except for the penalty shots for covering the puck in the crease.
Video 3 shows a brawl. Woo.
Score Along At Home With The 82-0 Women’s Hockey Game []

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4 Responses to Slovakia 82 | Bulgaria 0

  1. dk says:

    that’s one of the most offensive videos i’ve seen on this site.

  2. Thor says:

    Rim Shot!

  3. Ummmm says:

    I think I saw Booty back on D there

  4. kratz says:

    looked like the same amount of spectators as a rams/penguins match and the public address announcer was getting pretty hoarse

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