Rams Roll Late

It was by most accounts what you’d expect from a pre-season game. The shots were wide, the rebounds kicked further than normal, sticks weren’t tied up, the pace dropped off quickly. But after Amos rocked the Wheat Kings goalie’s head the floodgates opened and before you knew it the Rams had transformed a 5-5 tie into something like an 11-5 rout. Also of note were Colin’s 4 goals and Shoup’s broken skate. Get better skate.

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17 Responses to Rams Roll Late

  1. dk says:

    anybody grab the commerce bag with pucks and bottles in it? oops.

  2. coddaire says:

    yup i got ya deaner….

  3. sub kratz says:

    how can colin score that much from the penalty box?

  4. Observer says:

    Did the other team play with a goalie or six skaters?

  5. RR says:

    Hold me now.

  6. goal-out says:

    what are you guys gonna do without my water bottle and puck bucket skills this year????

  7. bern says:

    anyone going to the phils today? hit me up if you are. i’ll be down there by 4:30

  8. shoup says:

    Are we on for Saturday night ?

  9. KW says:

    Shoup you gonna play on butter knives?
    Any yea. What’s up with Saturday?

  10. dk says:

    we are on for saturday night. 8:45 pm. Pens are in. subs are welcome.
    our first game is next thursday (10/9) at 10:40 pm. i know. it’s late. but we’ll get it out of the way.

  11. no luv says:

    it wasn’t going in anyway

  12. dk says:

    anybody have yashin’s digits? we could use him tonight.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jonesy has it 267-767-7395

  14. dk says:

    axel is in net with dowell in the other.

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