Preseason Game this Sunday


Who’s in, who’s out?
Preseason game #1 vs the Wheat Kings. It’s a new team. Sunday 9/25 at 2:50 pm.
thanks guys for the USA hockey jazz. keep it coming.
Also, i don’t see any “Zebras” on the list this year. it’s Penguins, Rams, Continentals, Bandits, Wheat Kings, and Blades. six teams.
The season total is $350. I’ll need $200 ASAP. Bring it Sunday. Make checks to Philadelphia Rams. I will need the other $150 by the end of October.

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17 Responses to Preseason Game this Sunday

  1. dk says:

    mvp is in, too.
    kev is good to go.
    bern is 50/50.

  2. KW says:

    What kind of name is “Wheat Kings” are they amish?

  3. fiyah says:

    like “Brandon” Wheat Kings? Be better if they were the Manatees and if Val played for them.

  4. Goat says:

    Probably out. I hate manatees. Dean i will pay u.
    Anybody going to the game tonight or the flyers on Sat????

  5. Jon B says:

    The Wheat Kings are the West chester boys from the Spring League. Aaron Rappaport etc. Basically the “Warriors” good players from WSL.

  6. dk says:

    thanks for the update. it’s good to have fresh blood. they need a goalie according to the rink.

  7. dan c says:

    out – I’ll get you the money asap though

  8. Thirsty Goalie says:


  9. 44 says:

    in, and i’ll miss those zebras.

  10. snapper says:

    out – gone fishin’ for strippers – oh maybe thats stripers………….

  11. babe winkelman says:

    snap, if this NE’ster doesn’t clear out, you know where we’ll be.

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