Wood Duck Open 2008 Result

Congratulations to Carter, Snappy, Lou, and Cheese for winning the 2008 Wood Duck Open. Also, congratulations to Scott Emerson for winning the closest to the pin on the 18th. Thanks for all that played and made it a fun time.

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4 Responses to Wood Duck Open 2008 Result

  1. Anonymous says:

    any pictures?

  2. Dr. Bumba says:

    Surprisingly this year it appears as though all of the foursomes played a legit round of golf. Congrats to the Champs, they will now have to defend next year.

  3. Jenks says:

    We were not totally legit. The shit-show foursome of The Berks, Big Steve and myself did use a foot wedge on #10 and we do have video documentation which I will get to Art. We also attempted to use a hand wedge in place of a chip shot somewhere on the last few holes of the back nine but no one can remember where and it didn’t work anyway.

  4. I Win says:

    Thanks to Lou, Cheese and Snappy for carrying my lousy ass around the course.

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