Muddle This

Yo boys. Yours truly will be a judge at the Mojito Olympics this Monday night at the Rum Bar in Center City.
Come watch the city’s best bartenders create the world’s hottest cocktails.
Judges include:
Preston & Steve’s Caseboy
Lacroix Chef Matthew Levin
Foobooz editor Arthur Etchells
Starts at 6pm, $8 gets you in and a complimentary mojito. You also get to sample the competitors mojitos and get half-off subsequent mojitos.
Mojito the Moment [City Paper]
Rules after the jump.

Fastest Muddle. You will be timing the competitors in how fast they can make 10 mojitos. You will take points off if the drink doesnt look or taste like it was made properly. Each bartender will be setting up their station, then making the drinks. Youll taste em to check their quality, then the rest will get passed to the guests. Then the next bar will go. This could be the easiest event to judge since about 80% of the score will be based on the time.
Best Traditional. The bartenders will try to impress you with their restaurant’s traditional mojito using only approved ingredients. This will be the toughest competition to judge, as many of the mojitos could taste similar, and about 80% of the score will be based on overall taste. Each bartender will be making 5 of these. One for each judge and 2 to disperse to all the guests. Just some advice… dont finish the mojitos until all are made. If you get drunk by the 4th competitor, obviously scores could be inaccurate.
Best in Show. The bartenders will now try to wow you with their own creation using any ingredient they wish, as long as it includes a rum, an herb, a citrus, and a sweetener. Points will be graded on taste, creativity, appearance, and method. Again, they’ll be making 5 mojitos dispersed the same way.

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  1. Thor says:

    And with a 6pm start you can still grab a train home.

  2. larry says:

    how do you say “taste explosion in my mouth” in spanish?

  3. Anonymous says:

    pruebe la explosión en la boca

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