RJ Not Only Hot Flyers Product

RJ Umberger certainly has had a hot playoffs but he isn’t the only player in the Flyers system who is lighting it up.
Claude Giroux has 41 points (13 goals, 28 assist) in 15 games. Giroux was second in the QMJHL during the regular season with 106 points in just 55 games.

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12 Responses to RJ Not Only Hot Flyers Product

  1. Jon B says:

    His production should be compared to his peers. He has 16 more points tahn anyone else as well as the next leading scorer on his team has 20 less points (i.e. not living off of others production). He is a Gagne level prospect. Doesn’t necessarily play like Gagne’s style but he is close to being considered the best player not playing in the NHL.
    Would play at most 1/2 a season w/ the Pantoms next year IMO. I think he may be too good for AHL.
    Get excited about him.

  2. Jenks says:

    How the fuck do you guys know all this shit!

  3. RR says:

    Can we get him on the Rams?

  4. Mullets and Black stonewashed jeans w/ comb says:

    Rj Plumburger

  5. Jon B says:

    Giroux’s stats updated:
    17 games -15 goals -31 assists -46 points +30

  6. rr knows this ... says:

    i totally howled de udder night when ‘nat rj umber said “holy heck” to coatsey. he rewwee souned like penguins fan from picksburgh. i think i saw him dahn ‘nere at dat store “pants ‘n nat” affer he got his soshle security check. bam.

  7. Jon B says:

    Timmonen out for playoffs = No Hope
    If the Pens were a philadelphia team, Crosby would take a shot in practice from Malkin and be out for 3 weeks and malkin would be so upset he would retire.

  8. Jon B says:

    Ok this is philadelphia so this is how it is going to go down:
    The Flyers will miraculously overcome the loss of timmonen and take the Pens to game seven only to lose in a close game. Flyer fans will be left to ponder the proverbial what if?
    Just like in 2004 against the Lightning when Desjardins and Ragnarsson were out and Johnsson was playing with a broken hand and couldn’t shoot or pass. What if any two of these guys could have played?
    No love for the 215. thanks God!

  9. Jenks says:

    Seriously….if you guys dedicated this much time and effort to social issues: no one would be hungry, we would all be driving solar cars that float and there would be no more cancer.

  10. Thor says:

    You’re right. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the cure for cancer text I received last night. But if you have a cure for blood clots, please send it over.

  11. Dr. Jenks says:

    10 PBR’s, a sunny day and $150 wager on a long shot horse that stuns the field and wins by 3 lengths

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